Damping Malam – A Review

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Language: Malay

Running Time: 90 mins

Genre: Horror

Director: Ahmad Idham

Cast: Erynne Erynna, Putri Mardiana, Amy Mastura, Eizlan Yusof, Ahmad Idham.


“Damping Malam” is about a couple – Wadi (Ahmad Idham) and Ku Khalira (Amy Mastura) who have been married for 14 years and are blessed with a beautiful daughter – Nuraiza (Erynne Erynna). They are a liberal, modern family and Nuraiza is a bright student at school. The parents place more importance to worldly matters, so she isn’t brought up with much religious emphasis, despite also being raised by her mysterious aunt, Umi Siah (Azizah Mahzan). One day, Nuraiza leaves home to further her studies and soon finds herself powerless to protect against dark powers due to her lack of religious knowledge.*

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My Review

Short Review

Presentation: B+

Story: B

Overall: B+

Long Review

I’ll be honest here, I was glad Ahmad Idham didn’t try to do another comedy and instead go full horror with this movie. I mean, seriously, that guy had been churning out more love story movies than A Razak Mohaiden. So a twist like this is a welcome variation in my opinion.

The movie had typical horror fare. The toilet scene, the mirror scene, the window scene, the shadow scene, well, you know the whole lot. The atmosphere kept me guessing all the while, which is good. The play with the character has created an interesting twist in the story, which is another well thought play in part of the director in my opinion. The feel of the story is also typical horror, well, Malaysian horror.  The characters were well acted, albeit Amy Mastura’s acting is a bit stilted and unconvincing at times. The ghost was more X-Files than real ghost of recent style, another welcome change from the obvious.

Story wise, the movie had several great moments. The twist by the halfway mark of the movie is unpredictable (but only if you didn’t pay attention to the dialogues) and gave the movie a deeper depth.I do however finds the first several minutes of the movie a bit heavy on drama, but that’s just me.

Overall, while I find the movie a tad disappointing because of the usual horror fare, it was in fact interesting story wise.


*Taken from Yahoo! Malaysia Movies

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